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Aiming to be the top of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines is the goal of every website owner. There are several techniques to reach this: link building, forum posting, directory listing, social bookmarking, etc. Undoubtedly, these can really help increase traffic in a website. 

However, Isn’t it tedious to hire a number of people and spend a lot of money to do all of these things? Definitely, this is the reason why several softwares are now in the market. We are so grateful that in today’s age, people don’t stop developing technologies that makes our life easier.  To have an effective software or technology to address this pressing need in promoting websites, however, we have to consider the following basic points before designing a solution for web promotion.

Connecting Links. In an ordinary parlance, having connections makes you survive in this challenging and competitive world. Applying the same principle in website promotion, the more links you have in the web, the greater chances that you survive the competition in making your effort to level-up your ranking in a search engines. Hence, our goal is to have millions of links as possible as we have millions of websites as of date - and more are added everyday.

Quality Links. Not all links can help you. Again, in an ordinary parlance, not all your connections can help you; sometimes they became your competitor and even put you down. Your software design should adhere to getting quality links that will help you reach your target audience. This can be done using correct algorithm identifying websites that can help you push up in the ranking.

Crawling Frequency. Search engines do not continuously crawl the web contents; it has scheduled frequency and time to work too. It works like running over the content in a document when you do scanning. It cannot work instantaneously in just one action.  Have you notice sometimes that when you make an update in your site, your meta description is not automatically updated? This is because crawling has time frequency.

Server Issues. In designing your web promotion solution, you should also take into consideration the server technicalities and issues such as downtime period, transferring to other server, among others.

Caveat! There are so many things to consider in designing your software.  It requires extensive plan and study. These are the only basic points but yet worthy to note, and sometimes developers tend to overlook.  The bottom line is – try to communicate to the search engines.