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Autopilot offers a different kind of strategy of driving traffic. It has proven better chances to work effectively. Strategies that may not promise to get you rich so sudden, but will give you a good cash flow as time goes on.

The basic principles behind this strategy includes the following:
     • A focused target market
     • A high demand of the product
     • A marketing strategy
     • Automation

 First, you need to locate a hungry crowd (target market). Crowd that is much interested with a certain topic you may want to promote. The bigger the crowd, the better because it would offer you greater chances of driving traffic to your site.

Then look for keywords that has high searches on Google, yet lesser competition. A keyword could be a word or a phrase you would want to market. You may use keyword analysis softwares for obtaining the data you would need. Long-tailed keywords may consist of three or more words, not too specific, but not too general. Although these keywords has lesser searches on google, you have better chances of overcoming competitions in that particular keyword. Optimizing a very general one-word keyword would be useless due to obviously large number of competitions.

The strategy is to use long-tailed keywords with less competitions. These keywords may have less searches but when added up, would be a great source of constant flow of traffic to your website. When feeding a hungry crowd, you would need to offer what they would need (somewhat offer them products that they are really interested off). Your targets are the crowd that would surely purchase. Quality should be taken into account when endorsing because that is what most buyers wanted. This is the basic principle when you market a product. If you don’t have your own product to market, then you could do reselling or promoting an affiliate product. Traffic driven by your affiliates can be reflected back to your website.

But if you have your own product, then you can certainly market them on your own. You just simply need a store. A store may not be necessarily a website but you could just drive traffic to the site you are affiliated for. Of course, owning a website would be better, but if you have less knowledge with it, your site could simply be just a landing page where you could endorse your product. Setting up a website would simply be buying a domain and have a host-server do the hosting for your website.