Why hire Exequiel?

Because you are in fact hiring two heads and 4 hands.Exequiel is not working alone for his accepted jobs. If circumstances warrants, Exequiel has a team that reinforces his time, talents, and skills.His collaborators and consultants are not paid by the clients but it is being paid directly by him.

In big projects however, Exequiel has a  team equipped with all kinds of skills - writer, website designer, developer, SEO expert, social media advertiser, and data entry specialist. The team is organized by Exequiel Mondejar when he registered his company "Mondex Professionals"   in a no.1 virtual market place in June 2009.

Why rate per hour is relatively low?

Because Exequiel believes that client will give a raise if the latter thinks the former made a valuable help in his business. Exequiel said, "Even if I have a relatively lower rate, my clients surprised me with bonuses". "It is more fulfilling to receive bonuses than asking it. In my dismay, there are some contractors who were only after for money, but (sadly) have no real concern whether the job done is useful to the clients." He added.

Exequiel also understand that some of the clients are still on start-up stage. Hence, he is open to negotiation.Why not contact him now ? His skype ID is mondex53.

How can he assure quality?

Since August 2010, Exequiel started to implement collaboration procedure with his partners as part of his quality assurance measures.

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